Saturday, March 12, 2016

Get the evidence before you pass the law, not afterward.

Sent to the Orlando Sentinel, March 12, 2015

The picture accompanying "Florida Senate passes competency-based education bill," (March 10) contains this description: "Windy Hill Middle School is piloting a competency-based education format for the Lake County School District and the State of Florida." 
Shouldn't the Florida Senate wait to see the results of this study before they pass a bill approving competency-based education?

Stephen Krashen

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  1. Prof. Stephen Krashen is absolutely right. Where is the evidence to prove the value of this major reform? For over two decades, k-12 public schools have been enforcing data-based reforms with high costs in tech buys yet there is no evidence that tech applications enhance student achievement. Our public school budgets and taxes are being looted by the powerful tech sector of the economy but being data-driven, data-looted, and data-abused is not the same as being data-proven.