Monday, July 13, 2015

United Opt Out and the ESEA: It is time for a Real Testing Moratorium

 I agree with United Opt Out's position on ESEA [] and I want to add a point.

It is possible that the proposal that passes congress will have some kind of reduction in the amount of high-stakes testing required.  If this happens, the testing industrial complex continue to make massive profits. MOREOVER, THEIR PROFITS WILL BE NEARLY THE SAME AS EVER, AND WILL CONTINUE TO INCREASE OVER TIME.

The main cost of testing is the infrastructure, which will remain more or less the same regardless of the amount of testing done. As long as tests are administered online, the boondoggle will continue and grow and tests will continue to bleed funds that are badly needed elsewhere: Every time a new operating system or new hardware is required, we, the taxpayers, will pay the costs. This is why the "reformers" will cheerfully agree to a reduction.

We must insist that no test be given to students unless it has been demonstrated that the test is helpful, and it has been demonstrated that the investment in the test is more beneficial that investing the money elsewhere (e.g. health care, food programs, libraries).  It is time for a Real Testing Moratorium.

Stephen Krashen
July 13, 2015

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  1. Exactly right, thanks for pointing out the craven heart of the commercial parasites looting our school districts. Our district spent heavily on tech--hardware, software, bandwidth, wiring upgrades, consultants, etc.--and then would not admit or report the actual costs so as to keep parents and townsfolk in the dark, even when I OPRA's the doc's legally. This ugly private war on public education is like a vampire that flees the light of day.