Friday, January 23, 2015

21st Century Skills Requires a 21-Hour School Day

Sent to the Oregonian, January 23.
Re: "With trepidation, state school board tells districts to schedule more students for full school year," January 22, 2015.
The best way to make sure students get enough hours of instruction is to extend the school day. We should take a dramatic step to make sure all students will be prepared to deal with the ever more high-tech world they will live in.
A study published in the Journal of Irreproducible Results concluded that a 21-hour school day is optimal, with continuous classes and no breaks, except for two breaks for meals and one lavatory visit.
Among the many advantages would be fewer discipline problems and quieter classrooms because of sleep deprivation, which the authors observed  "lessened the students' rebellious impulses."
The researchers also intend to do studies to determine whether food is really necessary for school children.
Stephen Krashen
President: Society for the Promotion of Kindergarten Kalculus

Robert O. Neal, Ed.D. and Louis deJour Hicks, Ed.D.
The Magnun University Graduate School of Education
Magnun, Tennessee
Published in The Journal of Irreproducible Results, 36 (6): 17 (1991)
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