Monday, August 26, 2013

How much testing? The details.

Sent the The Jewish Daily Forward, August 26.

As noted in "David Coleman, the Most Influential Education Figure You've Never Heard Of" (August 25), critics such as Diane Ravitch have indeed indicated that the common core standards could lead to more testing at a time when there is too much testing already.  But few know the details:

In addition to end-of-year tests in language arts and math, we will soon be testing children in all subjects, and will be adding "interim" tests, to be given during the academic year. There is also discussion of pre-tests to be given in the fall.

Currently, our students are tested in grades three through eight and once in high-school. But we will soon be testing in all grades, K to 12, and there are plans to "pre-screen" children before they enter kindergarten.

The common core will bring more testing than we have ever seen on this planet. And there is no evidence at all that this increase will improve academic achievement.

I have documented this astonishing increase in testing from documents available at the US Department of Education. Please see: "How much testing?" available at two places: krashen-how-much-testing/

Stephen Krashen

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