Thursday, September 5, 2013

The never-ending and increasing cost of testing

Sent to the Los Angeles Times, Sept. 5

The state hopes that the brave new tests will be covered by the $64 million  California budgeted for the old tests ("State speeds shift in student testing," September 5). But the new tests must be administered online. As the Times notes, many students only have access to out-of-date or nonfunctional computers. It will cost far more than $64 million just to supply up-to-date computers, and the computers will need to be regularly upgraded. And as we know, computers become obsolete within a few years and need to be replaced. And as we know, innovations in technology require a complete change of equipment every few years (remember ethernet?). 

The common core testing program means a continuing and increasing boondoggle for testing and publishing companies forever.  When the new tests fail to produce  improvement in student achievement, teachers will be blamed, and the "experts" will call for more testing and more use of technology.

Stephen Krashen

original article, on-line version:,0,6459120.story

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