Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Trump English Language Academy

Published in the Los Angeles Times, August 6, 2017 (“New view of immigration.”)
Re: “Trump backs tough border limits” August 3, Business section

Donald Trump and Republican Senators have just announced that their new immigration plan will favor candidates who speak English well
I predict that Mr. Trump will soon announce the establishment of the Trump Language Academy, a series of schools around the world to help potential immigrants increase their English proficiency., located in Trump hotels. Tuition will include food and lodging at the hotels.
Textbooks (including “The Art of the Deal,”) educational technology and English tests will be provided by the Trump Language Academy.
Tiffany Trump will serve as academic director.
All prospective immigrants must pass the official Trump English Language Examination, regardless of country of origin and educational level. The examination will not cover spelling.

Stephen Krashen


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  2. Thank you for the forecast. We do not know what would happen, but this idea is not far away from what can happen. Do not give him any more ideas! pleeeasee!