Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fake News: The other half of the tax plan

The other half of the new tax plan

Explaining that the recent proposal for federal taxes dealt only with payment, Donald Trump signed an executive order today that changes how tax money will be spent, a plan that he claims will save us billions, as will as increase efficiency in government.

All federal tax payments will henceforth be deposited directly to the president, to be deposted in his personal account without any external monitoring. 

Mr. Trump sad that he alone will determine how the money will be spent.  "I know more about taxes and budgets than anybody else. I know what to do with money. Putting me in charge allows me to use the money exactly where it is needed when it is needed. "

Under this new arrangement, Trump's income tax returns will never be made public, as this would reveal information vital to the national security. 

One hundred billion dollars will immediately transferred into Mr. Trump's account, to be used to start construction of  a series of "Trump Patriot Towers" alsong the US Mexican border to serve as a wall protecting the border. Mr. Trump's office also announced that several prominent artists and engineers have been appointed to a newly created Mount Rushmore Committee,

There was immediate support from Congressional Republicans, while Democratic party leaders were "not sure" that the move was a good idea, and were concerned that it might not even be legal.

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