Saturday, May 7, 2016

Learning to read: There is nothing magic about grade 3.

Comment posted in response to: New York City Aims to Place Reading Coaches in Every Elementary School (Education Week)

"Grade 3 is very predictive," Esther Klein Friedman, the executive director of literacy and academic intervention services for the New York City education department, said in an interview recently. "We figure if we've got [students] solidly locked down in reading by the end of grade 2, we've got a really good foundation to sit on."
There is nothing magic about grade 3.  Yes, reading at grade 3 does predict reading achievement later on, but reading at any grade correlates with reading achievement at any other grade.
Also, there is no reason to expect that poor reading ability at any age inevitably leads to poor reading forever. A great deal of research confirms that readers can improve dramatically in reading at any age, including adulthood, if they have access to interesting and comprehensible reading material. (Krashen and McQuillan, 2007; Sullivan and Brown, 2014).

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