Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Drop the Exit Exam

Submitted to the San Francisco Chronicle, August 25, 2015

It is a good idea to delay the California high school exit exam ("Exit Exam reprieve gets California lawmakers’ OK," August 24). It is a better idea to drop it altogether. 

Study after study confirms that state exit exams serve no useful purpose: they do not provide short-benefits, such as increased learning, or long-term benefits, such as increased college attendance or higher employment.

Stephen Krashen
Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California

Review of research: Holme, J., Richards, M., Jimerson, J., and Cohen, R. 2010. Assessing the effects of high school exit examinations. Review of Educational Research 80 (4): 476-526.
Original article: http://www.sfgate.com/education/article/Lawmakers-vote-to-suspend-Exit-Exam-for-2015-6462980.php

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