Thursday, December 4, 2014

Profiting from Preschool

Comment posted in response to "Poll: Californians strongly in favor of preschool" Education Week December 4, 2014 and in response to "Poll shows support for high-quality preschool," EdSource, Dec, 2, 2014.

Preschool would be great if it were really preschool. But it is now "school." Preschool is now "academic," filled with academic standards and tests.  Every test given, (excuse me, every "assessment") is profit for the .001%. (Eager parents, in fact, can download preschool tests (see e.g.  tests available at the oddly named "have fun teaching" website:

I suspect that at least some of the pious pronouncements we hear about the importance of preschool are because more children in preschool means more tests are given, and this increases profits for the testing industry.

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