Thursday, May 15, 2014

The common core: Don't forget what the real problem is.

Sent to the Seattle Times, May 15, 2014

I think the common core math standards are lousy on purpose, made lousy so that parents will complain ("2+2=What? Parents rail against Common Core math," May 15).
The common core architects will then make some adjustments, enough to stop the most vigorous complaints. Many complainers will then be satisfied and the public will be impressed with how open-minded the common core directors are.
But the common core itself will remain unchallenged. The common core was designed by non-educators, has no research supporting it, and will be enforced by more testing than we have ever seen on this planet.  It will also cost billions, and the plan to test all students online ensures massive and increasing technology expenditures forever.
Parents are right to protest the math standards, but should not forget what the real problem is.

Stephen Krashen

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  1. Just to play devil's advocate, John Dewey was also a non-educator, but his ideas have been influencing US educational practice for generations.