Sunday, March 30, 2014

Misinformed about the common core

Too many people remain misinformed about the common core. Here is the latest distortion.

Alan Greenblatt just attacked the Opt-Out movement, saying that it is irresponsible and selfish.  There are over 300 comments on the website.  Greeenblatt and most of those who commented have no idea what is going on.
There is no way to respond to this on the NPR website, other than be one of the 300+ commenters.
The opt-out organizers posted an excellent response as a blog:
I said the same thing they did and posted it as a comment:

Mr. Greenblatt has not done his homework. Opting out of the common core tests is a rational, patriotic, socially responsible action. We all agree that students should be assessed, but the common core tests have zero research support, and are already bleeding our educational budget of every spare dollar, as well as converting teaching into narrow test-prep. The opposition to the common core testing program, as well as the common core itself, comes from well-known and respected educators and academic researchers, as well as parents who see the day-to-day damage caused by the testing program.
United Opt Out National is an extremely important movement that aims to save American education. It deserves our respect and full attention.

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