Friday, February 7, 2014

The Star Method: A Brilliant, No-Cost, Idea

Letter Published in the School Library Journal, 2010. 

LaDuska Adriance's idea of students putting a star in the inside corner of library books they like might be one of the great ideas of the century: Simple, no-cost, with the potential of substantially increasing interest in reading by creating a community of readers, what Frank Smith calls a "literacy club." 

I hope others try the Star Method and that those who are research-minded will carry out studies. I predict that the results will support this simple but powerful means of getting information around among students about good books. 

Adriance, L. 2010. Seeing Stars. How I ignored my inner librarian and got kids excited about books again. School Library Journal 56, 7: 26-27. 

Stephen Krashen

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