Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Limited testing of the CC$$ tests & more evidence for the boondoggle

Posted on the Ed Week website, following Schools Test-Drive Common Core, June 25, 2013
S Krashen

The pilot testing of the common core assessments did not attempt to answer the major question of whether the tests are valid: do the tests (and standards) contribute to higher school achievement? Previous studies confirm that more testing does not lead to more achievement.

Administrators pointed out that the current infrastructure is inadequate and that upgrades, new devices and replacements will be necessary:
"'Obviously, there is concern that if computers are three years old, they won't be able to do certain things. So we are examining what we have in place and determining what we need to have in place to do what we need to do with online testing.'
The district plans to upgrade its Wi-Fi system and bandwidth this summer, he says. It is also considering buying more devices so that students can take the online assessments in their classrooms and in the library, rather than having them all in computer labs."
And that this will cost quite a bit:
"Rose-Ann McKernan, the executive director of instructional accountability for the Albuquerque schools, says the technology director for the district is worried about server and network capacity at the schools. Making all the necessary upgrades could cost millions of dollars, she says.
The district could use money from the state allocated to schools for technology to buy new computers and to make other technology improvements, McKernan says. The district may also appeal to the state legislature for more funds for technology improvements."
We can expect upgrading and replacement to continue indefinitely. A boondoggle that will last forever.
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Roseanne Eckert  (2 posts)

1. How much did they pay the children for their services?

2. "You want a kid to take a test that relates to what is going on in the classroom," Cummings says. "The only way to make the Smarter Balanced assessments meaningful is if common core is effectively integrated into the coursework." In other words, teaching to the test. More of the same.

Chuck Jordan : Now we know why Bill Gates etc. have "donated" so much money to "education."

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