Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Common core requires too much testing (Pittsburgh-Post Gazette)

Common core requires too much testing
November 3, 2013 12:00 AM
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Poorer school districts will be hit the hardest, but every district in the country will suffer financially from the common core standards. Not mentioned in "Poorer School Districts Feel at a Loss Over New Common Core Standards" (Oct. 20) is the fact that the common core will require an astonishing amount of testing and the testing must be done online.

This means that every student must be connected with the Internet with up-to-date computers, a huge expense. After the computers are in place, there will be continual upgrades and replacements, as well as major changes as new technology is developed.

No evidence has been provided showing that online testing will benefit students in any way. What is clear is that online testing will help computer and testing companies that take no risk. We taxpayers pay for everything, and if student achievement declines, we will be told that we need even higher-tech tests, and we will be presented with national test 2.0.


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