Saturday, June 4, 2016

North Korea

Published in the Christian Science Monitor Weekly Magazine,  JUNE 6 2016
North Korea a different situation?
Regarding the April 23 online article “North Korea tests submarine-launched ballistic missile: Is that unusual?” ( The United States claimed that it attacked Iraq because of the threat of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein denied that Iraq had such weapons. In addition, there was no clear evidence that Iraq was preparing for war.
North Korea openly admits it has weapons of mass destruction and is preparing for war. There has been little discussion of a US attack on North Korea. Why the difference? Iraq had oil. The evidence is clear that obtaining control of Iraqi oil was the real motivation for the US attacking Iraq. North Korea has to import oil from China. 
This suggests that the US does not go to war to defend itself. It goes to war for oil.
Stephen Krashen

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