Monday, October 28, 2013

Avoiding the toughest exam in the world ... so far.

A Sunday LA Times page one story had this headline: "China gives US schools budget help" (Oct 27). The subheadline: "Tuition-paying Chinese students are providing much needed money - and cultural exchange - to high schools here."

Our schools would not have these budget problems if we didn't waste so much money on standardized testing. And the budget crisis will get worse because testing will soon be online, which means massive and ever-increasing spending on technology.

Also, the article explains that a major motivation for doing high school in the US is to avoid the brutal gaokao the university entrance exam, considered by some to be the toughest exam in the world (

But American schools schools are catching up. How long will it be until American students from wealthy families go abroad for school to avoid the common core tests?

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